Guiding Principles


  • All students are capable of growth, development and meaningful participation in their school community.

  • When we focus on strengths, capabilities and aspirations, students can discover and move towards their desirable future.

  • Valued social roles will increase access to the typical and valued life experiences available within schools and the boarder community that are needed by all students.

  • In order to protect and enhance social image, students must spend time in valued places, with valued people, participating meaningfully in valued activities.

  • Families, schools and communities share in the responsibility of including and supporting students to become contributing citizens.

  • Supporting families to strengthen capacities and mobilize natural resources will enhance the well-being of all its members.

  • Typical, natural supports should be sought and safeguarded before introducing paid human services into the lives of students.

  • When human services are necessary to adequately meet the needs of the student, they should be provided in a way that causes minimal damage to image and competencies.


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