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JHS Ontario offers research, policies and evidence-based evaluation for the Quantum Program. They are innovators and leaders in non-partisan research, evidence-based programming, and policy development. The centre is ideally located at the junction of ground-level services and top-flight research acumen. Through its affiliation with the 19 John Howard Society Local Offices across Ontario, the centre has access to the day-to-day reality of those interacting with the justice system. It is the only organization of its kind in Ontario – it facilitates interdisciplinary innovation by combining partnerships with front-line service providers and creative and academically qualified researchers and analysts. JHS Ontario develops evidence-based policy positions, and advances those positions to governments and other organizations. The centre has gained recognition both externally with policy makers, service providers, media and the public, and within the JHS local offices across Ontario, for the quality of its work and the professionalism of its staff.

Quantum visit and meeting with JHS Ontario

Quantum youth join john howard society of bellevile executive director, debbie woords, quantum co-ordinator, peter gabriel, lou rinaldi, mpp northumberland-quinte west and sunny dhillon, research and program evaluator from john howard society ontario to discuss how funding from the local poverty reduction strategy for the quantum program has made a difference. 


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19-21 Wallbridge Cres.

Belleville, Ontario

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Quantum Coordinator:

Peter Gabriel

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