Decision Making Skills

These activities deal with positive and negative decisions such as dropping out of school, marriage and parenting, attending college, working during school, saving and investing, and living independently. The activities promote understanding of consequences and trade-offs.

Health Skills

These activities aim to develop understanding of preventative medicine, nutrition, and sanitation, physical and mental fitness. They also cover health care, first aid, and emergency care issues.  

Safety Skills

These activities foster awareness of risky behaviour, their consequences, and means of avoidance. They cover alcohol, tobacco and drug addictions, sexually transmitted infections, gang issues, and motor vehicle safety. They seek to impart strategies for peaceful conflict resolution as well as knowledge of help sources.   

Employment Skills

These activities include career exploration, developing understanding of employer expectations, job seeking, as well as productive work practices and behaviors. 

Learning Skills

These activities cover studying, organizing, locating resources, solving problems, identifying individual learning styles, and exploring different types of intelligence and aptitude. The aim is to teach students how to become better learners. 

Service Skills

These activities include short-term and long-term, individual and group community service assignments. Each includes a list of requirements, the needed preparation, the community benefits, and tips for implementation. These are pulled from the most successful youth community services activities.

Relationship Skills

These activities deal with friendships and romantic relationships, how to handle rejections, coping with sex and money issues in relationships, communicating in groups and one-on-one, handling emotions, and recognizing potential problem situations. 

Family Skills

These activities address family relationships and the responsibilities both from the perspective of the student as family members and as future parents. Included are activities related to family planning and birth control.

Social Skills

These activities cover the social graces including manners and etiquette, controlling profanity, and language switching to meet mainstream expectations. It also covers non-confrontational behaviour. 

life skills activities


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