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Individual and group mentoring is provided to Quantum students.  Students are matched with a Quantum Worker in grade 9, and the worker remains with the student through to senior year. The long-term relationships between the mentor and mentee help to ensure that the student will achieve academically, prepare for college and learn life and youth-leadership skills. Quantum Workers build relationships with the student to get to know their friends and family; visit their homes to discuss problems and find solutions; and meet with teachers and school counsellors, if necessary. If possible, Quantum Workers may attend parent-teacher conferences. As needed, Quantum Workers also help represent the student if they come into contact or need support with other community service providers. The Quantum Worker advocates on behalf of the student, keeps parents connected with the program, and liaises with tutors and mentors.

"Once in Quantum always in Quantum". Students are never dropped from the program and may return at any point during the four years. A key to the success of the program is outreach to those students who do not participate on a regular basis. Staff members work to overcome barriers that prevent students from regular participation. 

Quantum Workers are available to navigate and connect students to their schools and community. They offer daily one-on-one support to high school students & families. They often assist students & families at schedule in school meetings. One-on-one support is always available over school lunch hours, spares & afterschool. Quantum staff work hard to remove transportation barriers that prevent students from accessing our hubs, community appointments with other service providers, or community functions.

Connection, Opportunities & 

Healthy Communities.

Peter Gabriel

Program supervisor





Vicki MacDonald

Quantum Youth worker & Belleville Youth centre



Holly Read-Fleming

Quantum Youth worker & Belleville Youth centre




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